Thursday, March 31, 2011

Section 1 -- short ID

In Section I (worth 25%) you will be asked to identify five terms and briefly explain their significance.
The terms on the exam will be chosen from the following list:

Nasser (Nasir)
Arab-Israeli War of  1967
Suez Crisis
Ayatollah Khomeini
Arab nationalism
Mehmed Ali (Muhammed Ali)
“Arab” (Palestinian) refugees
White Revolution (Iran)
World War I


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  2. Aim to write at least a page. A good topic sentence always helps.

  3. For the essays, how many are going to appear on the exam and how many do we have to write?

  4. I haven't decided how many choices will be available. You will have to write one essay in sec 2 and one in sec 3 (one on a source and one on an "essay question."

  5. Dear professor Muhlberger,
    have you decide at this point how many questions for each section will be on the exam? is there any possible way you could tell us, or at least narrow the options down.
    - sincerly,
    a very stressed out student attempting to do well in this course

  6. Hello, I was just wondering if you happen to have decided yet how many choices will appear in section two and three? It would reaallly help in the studying process :)

  7. # of choices -- all I will say is that there will be some choice.

  8. I cannot see writing a full page on these, their is not enough information to fill a whole page unless a whole bunch of BS is used

  9. If you went to the library catalog you would find whole books on most of these, even in our modest collection. Don't give up in advance -- consult the Gelvin textbook.


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